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Hiring & Maintaining Workforces Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

We provide you with a free online management system packed with all the tools you need to hire and maintain a drug-free workplace using the least amount of time and effort. We offer the industry's original and only paperless drug-testing solution. That's right, our system is one of a kind.

Real-Time and Online

Using our online program,, you can arrange and order a drug and/or alcohol test. This eventscheduling option even automatically sends instructions, which we refer to as an ePassport™, to the donor with all the details about the event, including a map to our clinic. This convenient feature also allows you to track missed events, monitor the time of the collection and follow donor/specimen status online.

Simply check your Inbox to view status reports. All the details you need are available at the click of your mouse, 24/7, from any Internet connection.

Create a Variety of Reports:

  • Test-Result Report:

    Search and display final test dispositions. Generate a certificate for any confirmed test result.

  • Summary Report:

    Select a specific date or date range and view a summary of the test results. You can export and use this data in other applications, such as Excel.

  • Turnaround-Time Report:

    View test-result turnaround time, from test completion to final results in your Inbox, on

  • Statistics Report:

    View drug-screen statistics for all non-DOT and DOT programs, including statistics by analytes and reason for the test.

  • DOT MIS Report:

    View instant, real-time statistics to create DOT MIS reports online. Features:

  • Log on to the program anytime, 24/7, from a computer with Internet access.
  • Schedule and track donor events.
  • Send test details and instructions to donors.
  • Receive eMail alerts when new results are waiting in your Inbox.
  • Review and print drug-screen results for both lab-based and instant tests.
  • Utilize automated random drug testing and a consortium program for employers with 49 or fewer employees.

Tired of chasing paper chains & results?
We can take you paperless!

Want to Learn More?

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