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Common Questions

Q: What am I required to bring with me when I arrive for my drug test?

A:You must arrive with any paperwork or email that has information from your employer about your drug screen. Documents include: Paper Chain of Custody, Email with a registration or an authorization number or an e-passport.

You are also required to bring a government issued photo id (Drivers license, military id or passport) If a proper ID is not available, your employer representative must accompany you to the drug screening facility.

Q: Do I have to make an appointment to come in for a drug screen?

A:Accu-Med Labs does not require or take appointment for testing. Testing typically takes about 10 minutes to complete. You may arrive at our lab for testing anytime Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:15pm.

Q: Once I arrive at the lab and I am unable to provide a sample, would I be able to leave and return?

A:Once you arrive at Accu-Med Labs and the testing process has begun, you are unable to leave the testing area until the sample has been collected, tested, and sealed. Should you be unable to provide a sample or if any other issues occur when the testing has begun, you are unable to leave the facility for any reason. We allow up to 3 hours for the donor to provide a sufficient sample. Should in that time the donor for whatever reason leave the facility before the testing has been completed, that donor will be marked as a refusal to test. That donor will not be able to return to Accu-Med Labs within the same day. The donor may return the following business day after receiving permission from the employer and has obtained new testing paperwork.

Q: Am I allowed to drink any fluids prior to arriving for a urine drug screen?

A:We recommend that you do drink fluids prior to arriving. You should limit yourself to 45 oz of water. Too much water prior to a drug screen could create a diluted sample and could possibly be rejected at the lab.

Q: I am required to come in for hair drug screen collection, so must I avoid washing or styling my hair prior to coming in and how much hair will be taken?

A: It's not required for a person to refrain from washing or styling ones hair prior to a drug screen. There is no chemical in shampoo, conditioner or styling product that would cause a drug screen to be report a false positive or prevent the correct result outcome.

When collecting a hair sample, the lab tech will take hair from 3 spots on the head. The hair will be cut from the scalp in a very small section from each spot. Typically the location at which the hair was removed is not noticeable. We try hard to make sure we don't over take or leave a noticeable spot. If head hair is not an option due to short cuts, we will take hair from the underarm, legs, arms or chest.

Q: Am I able to come in for myself to receive a drug screen or an alcohol test or is it only for businesses?

A: We service employers as well as the public. You do not have to be with a business to come in for a drug screen or an alcohol test. You may contact the lab to retrieve information on the cost of the drug screens. Accu-Med Labs only accepts payment in the form of Money Order or Credit Card. (Visa, Master Card, Discover or JCB). Walk-In clients are not required to schedule an appointment. You may walk-in anytime Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:15pm.

Q: How long will it take to receive results from my drug test and will I receive a copy?

A: Receiving results from a drug screen depends on the type of test performed. Instant drug screens take anywhere from 5-10 minutes and report out the same day. Drug screens that are required for further lab testing or drug screens that are collected and sent directly to the lab typically take 48-72 hours to report back. If the drug screen results are required to be reviewed by a Medical Review Officer (MRO) due to a non-negative result, the drug screen report could take up to an additional 72 hours to receive.

Copies of the drug screen results are directly sent to the employer. The method of which they are sent depends on what was set up between the lab and your employer. Accu-Med Labs is not able to issue results to donors that are sent in by an employer. If you require information about your drug test or the results, you may contact your employer for further information.

Walk-In clients will be asked during testing how they want to receive the results. Results will be issued to the donor that is paying for the testing unless documents state differently.

Q: I am required to perform a drug screen required by the courts. What do I need to bring with me and how do the results get reported?

A: When arriving for a drug screen issued by the courts, you are required to bring a government issued ID, Court order issued by the courts that pertain information about the type of drug screen to be received and the method of which the results are to be reported. You must also bring in a form of payment. Payment of the test is collected at the time of testing. We accept Money Order or Credit Card (Visa, Master Card, Discover, JCB).

Method of which the results are sent is dependent on what is stated in the court order. Typically results are sent to both parties attorney's. Accu-Med Labs will disclose this information once we are able to review the order from the courts.

Q: I need a paternity test. What is required for the test to be completed and how can I set this testing up?

A: When performing the paternity testing its required that we have the children that will be involved and the alleged father. The mother is not required for the testing, however it the mother if available to be tested as well, it will assist the lab in the comparing of the DNA.

When you arrive for Paternity testing you will need to bring a valid government issued photo ID. Children are not required to have an Id; however the parent or guardian will be required to sign all documents in place of the child.

Payment is also due at the time of testing. You may contact Accu-Med Labs to inquire about testing cost. Accu-Med Labs accepts Money Order or Credit Card (Visa, Master Card, Discover or JCB)

Paternity testing is a walk-in service. Arrive at Accu-Med Labs Monday-Friday 8:30am- 4:15pm for testing. No appointment required.

Q: When I arrive for a Paternity test, how will the collection be performed?

A: When collecting for a paternity test, we are required to take a picture of each person involved in the testing. These pictures will be sent to the testing lab to assist in the DNA testing. Once the photos are taken, we will complete necessary paperwork that will accompany the samples to the lab. When we collect the DNA samples, we will swap the inside of each cheek twice with a long q-tip. Samples will be sealed and signed by each donor or guardian.

Lab results will take approximately 48-72 hours to be reported.