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Alcohol Testing

Alcohol screening is utilized for both Non-Dot and DOT employees. Alcohol screening is federally mandated by the Department Of Transportation for employees who work for the following agencies:

  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administrations: Motor Carrier.
  • Federal Aviation Administration: Air Carriers or operators of certain contract air traffic control towers.
  • Federal Railroad Administration: Rail
  • Federal Transit Administration: Public Transportations.
  • Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration: Operators for pipeline facilities and contracts performing covered functions for the operator.
  • US Coast Guard: Maritime

Alcohol Screening is also utilized for both non-DOT/ DOT employees for:

  • Pre-Employment
  • Random
  • Reasonable Suspension
  • Post Accident

Accu-Med Labs offers 3 types of Alcohol Screening

  • BAT Screening (Breath Alcohol Testing)
  • Saliva Alcohol Screening (Instant and Lab Based Testing
  • 80 Hour Urine EtG Alcohol Testing

Breath Alcohol Testing:
Breath Alcohol Testing is a portable device that is used to detect BrAC of the breath. Portable Breath Alcohol Testing devices are less invasive. BAT testing is an easy and fast way to detect alcohol following a post-accident or a reasonable suspicion.

Saliva Alcohol Testing:
Saliva Alcohol Testing is a procedure at which the Lab Technician will swab the inside of your mouth the obtain saliva for testing. Saliva testing is less invasive and requires minimum prep for service. Saliva testing provides alcohol results up to 8 hours from collection.  This test is a lab based testing that provides results within 48-72 hours of collection.

80 Hour Alcohol Detection (EtG Alcohol):
EtG can be detected in urine for up to 80 hours after the elimination of alcohol from the body and detection of EtG in the urine indicates recent consumption of alcohol. EtG is a direct metabolite of alcohol and can be used to determine whether or not alcohol has been recently consumed. EtG alcohol testing is a lab based test that provides results within 48-72 hours of collection.